Benefits of being an HGV Driver

HGV training lessons HGV training lessons

We often underestimate the significance of many jobs, unaware of how difficult our lives would be without them. The role of an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) driver is a prime example. HGV drivers are not only crucial for big manufacturers but also for ordinary people. A notable example is their contribution to our daily tasks, such as shopping. After all, who delivers goods to the shops? Apart from this, what are the other benefits of being an HGV driver?


Job security

After Brexit UK experienced difficulties with the number of HGV drivers, who to a big extent came back to their countries. The crisis the shops had to face right after Brexit came into force showed clearly how much we should appreciate people who want to do the job. The big demand for HGV drivers gives them the security and certainty they don’t have to worry about new orders.

Flexibility and independence

It’s difficult to find many jobs which offer so much flexibility and independence. You can work for a logistics company and easily adjust the haulage route to your time, obligations, preferences or skills. You can decide if travelling in your local area is more appealing to you, or if you would rather explore the world by delivering goods to the furthest regions available by a track. Taking HGV training lessons at a recognised training centre will provide you with the required skills to travel safely.

High salary potential

Choosing a job we all want to know how much we will earn and if the salary is worth our effort of training, and gaining experience. As a full-time, and fully qualified HGV driver, you may expect to earn over £30,000 a year. Together with benefits and perks offered by some companies, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid holiday, the job seems to be quite rewarding.

Easy to start

To become an HGV driver you don’t need to graduate with a master's degree or get 5 years of experience before even getting behind the steering wheel. Taking HGV driver training lessons completed with the licence is not a high cost compared to the potential money you can get as a professional driver.


As an HGV driver, you can’t expect to have the same boring day from 9 to 5 as when working in the office. Even if you deliver products in the local area, your days will all be different, depending on the goods to transport, the weather or the road conditions. As you may choose the route to cover every day when you are an independent driver, you can visit different parts of the world even every month.

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