- How to Prepare for Your First Day at a New Job

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In a week or so you are going to start your new job and you are already very nervous.

That is quite natural feeling, because it is a new environment, new people and maybe even a new schedule for you. It is a lot and on top of that, you are expected to show your qualities you talked and wrote so much during the admission process. But, we have a few tips that you can use to feel less stressed out and more prepared for what is to come.

Plan the whole day (including rewards)

When you need to feel calmer, it usually helps to know what you can expect. Yes, we know, you have never been there and don’t know anyone. But you can plan other things in your day – find your bus schedule or search for parking spaces, look at where you could eat your lunch during the break, think about what to wear and also plan something nice for yourself for the evening. Something to look forward to, because that might help you getting through the day and prepare for the next one.

Necessary things

There is no shame in writing things down. So make a list of the things you need to take with you to your workplace. It depends on the type of job – maybe you need to bring some tools or equipment and maybe it is enough to grab your bag with personal items. Also, include some things that can help you feel more comfortable – your favourite mints or tea, your nicest pen, small bottle with perfume, colourful notepad etc. Prepare those things the night before your first day.

Mental preparation

Try to think about what it is that stresses you out the most and what is the worst possible course of your first day. What would it mean for you if that really happens? Write out your feelings and thoughts. You might find that the worst thing that can happen is basically this – you will feed embarrassed for a little while and will have to fix your mistake. But, that definitely isn’t the worst thing in the world - job posting site.

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