What control system to choose for a CNC machine?

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Currently, there are ten types of CNC machines on the market and each of them requires a different control system.


CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machines are one of the most common CNC machines available. Their typical tasks consist of tapping, turning, drilling, milling the face, and milling the shoulder.

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machines are shorter and more compact than milling machines, they also use fewer axes. Lathe machines have the capacity to rotate materials. They conduct quick and precise operations. After initial setup, even a semi-skilled person can successfully operate them.

CNC Drilling Machine

CNC drilling machines make holes in a stationary object using a spinning cutting tool. They are used to create hubs, gear blanks, and machined shafts. CNC drilling machines are more precise and adaptable than conventional drills.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC laser cutting machines use a powerful and highly focused laser. They have the capacity to cut through strong materials and are mostly used to cut timber, metal, and plastic.

CNC Grinding Machine

CNC grinding machines separate metal from metal using a revolving wheel. They are used to produce cylindrical objects. Items frequently grounded on CNC grinding machines are: camshafts, ball bearings, and transmission shafts.

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

CNC waterjet cutting machines utilize high-pressure water jets to cut through materials. They are mostly used to work with such materials, as plastic and aluminum, which might melt at high temperatures.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC plasma cutting machines are similar to CNC laser cutting machines. The difference is that they use plasma flame to cut through materials. CNC plasma cutting machines offer high level of cutting precision, as well as a wide variety of material compatibility.

CNC Electrical Discharge Machine

CNC electrical discharge machine is a unique type of a CNC machine that uses electric sparks to manipulates materials into the required shapes.

CNC Router Machine

CNC router machines are comparable with CNC milling machines, they are, however, used for softer materials, and in situations which require less accuracy. They speed up production process by decreasing waste and increasing efficiency.

3D Printer

3D printers are machines that print elements one at a time. They require CAD and CAM processes to develop the design. This type of machines are used in printing houses, as well as other structures.

How to choose a suitable control system for each type of a CNC machine?

In order to ensure the correct functions of a CNC machine, it is crucial to combine it with a control system suitable for each machine’s type. It needs to match both the characteristics of the machine, and the requirements of the project. Before making the purchase, the user needs to determine the most effective solution, taking into account variables such as mass, move, means, as well as the level of coordination, and the type of application.

Examples of CNC control systems

CS-Lab offers various high quality CNC control systems, recommended for professional and nonprofessional users who need a solid, flexible, and compact control system. The control systems available in the CS-Lab's shop are:

  • 4-axis CNC control system. CSMIO/IP-M board with simCNC software
  • 6-axis CNC control system. CSMIO/IP-S board with simCNC software
  • 6-axis CNC control system. CSMIO/IP-A board with simCNC software

All proposed control systems are an ideal mach for CNC machines control. They were designed for professionals, CNC automation manufacturers, retrofit specialists, and hobbyists, who want to equip their machine tool with an efficient CNC control system for a reasonable price.

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