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Eva Mendes supported Ryan Gosling at the ceremony - the couple proved that love can overcome distance

Eva Mendes Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, a couple known for their individual successes in the entertainment industry, once again proved that they are each other's main source of support and strength. During the ceremony on March 10, where Ryan was one of the participants, Eva not only supported him but also shared her presence backstage.

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1. How did Eva Mendes support Ryan Gosling during the ceremony?
2. What did the video shared by Eva Mendes on Instagram show?
3. How did Eva describe her feelings for Ryan on Instagram?
4. Where did Ryan visit Eva Mendes in 2011?

Which movie was the place where Ryan and Eva first met?

Although the couple rarely appears publicly together since they walked the red carpet together at the premiere of "The Place Beyond The Pines" in 2012, Eva emphasized her support for Ryan by being present behind the scenes. Sharing a video on March 10, where she stood outside Ryan's dressing room, Eva captioned it with "Always by my man," showing that regardless of whether they are together on the red carpet or not, their support for each other is unwavering.

This is not the first time Eva has publicly expressed her support for Ryan. After Ryan received his Oscar nomination for his role in the movie "Barbie," Eva posted a touching message on Instagram, expressing her pride in her partner's achievements. In her post on January 24, she highlighted how Ryan succeeded despite the criticism he faced after announcing his involvement in the project. She showed that she is his most loyal fan and unwavering support in both professional and personal life.

Love behind the scenes – shared moments behind the Hollywood scenes

The love story of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes has been of interest to fans since the couple first confirmed their relationship. Their love blossomed on the movie set, where they first met while filming "The Place Beyond The Pines" in 2011. Since then, the couple has not only built a strong relationship but also supported each other in their careers.

An example of their strong bond is also their meetings behind the Hollywood scenes. While Eva was filming her movie "Holly Motors" in Paris in 2011, she received support from Ryan, who visited her on set. The couple also spent some alone time at Pere Lachaise Cemetery, showing that they can enjoy each other's company even in the least obvious places.

For fans of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, their love story is an inspiration and proof that true love can withstand any difficulties, even those related to distance or life in the Hollywood spotlight.