What makes a good and successful investment?

Alexey Kirienko. Alexey Kirienko. pixabay

Investing your own hard-earned money is, for many people, the best way to multiply it.


Money that sits in an account or in a safe deposit box at home simply loses its value, especially in today's dynamic times. Inflation around the world is an ever-increasing problem, so to keep your savings from melting away, everyone is trying to invest in efficient solutions.

Learn as much as you can about investing

Nothing can replace knowledge and experience - that is why all courses, trainings and certificates are so expensive. Having knowledge about a given subject is still the most valuable thing you can have, because in case of investing, it contributes to its accuracy. Investing money itself is not really anything complicated, just like playing darts. Throwing a dart doesn't really require any philosophy, however hitting the bull's eye is quite a feat. The situation is exactly the same with investing - putting money into an unprofitable project is nothing complicated, but a bad throw results in the loss of a part of your capital, and in drastic cases even all your funds. That is why it is so important to be knowledgeable about investments and how to make them.

The stock market - the most popular way to invest your capital

There is no denying that the vast majority of people associate investing with playing on the stock market. This should not be surprising in any way, because the stock exchange for decades has been associated with multiplying capital, and also with serious business. This is of course an undeniable fact, because on the stock exchange you can really earn a lot of money. Moreover, it is possible especially if you possess knowledge about how to invest on the stock market and which shares to buy. A perfect example of this is Alexey Kirienko.

The choice of companies is never random. Playing on the stock exchange means first of all proper and reliable analysis and knowledge about the market situation. What is more, when investing in stocks of given company, you should first of all be familiar with its achievements, quarterly reports, as well as predictions concerning its development. Only then can your investment result in profits. It is a method known by all stock market sharks, that is why every beginner investor should first learn a little bit about stock market before starting to invest.

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