The impact of clouds on modern technology development

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The cloud computing technology accelerated around 2010 when companies began to recognize its true potential. Today it is well known that this kind of solutions makes any other technology faster, affordable, and more accessible.

According to many, it is the basis and future of modern IT and engineering. Learn more about the impact of clouds on modern technology development.


Why cloud computing is so important in technology evolution?

Cloud computing contributes to the technology evolution in many ways. First of all, it provides excellent support for enterprises and research institutions that work on innovations. It streamlines many processes by providing enormous resources of computing power, big data storage (e.g. EO Data Storage), and support for the development of advanced applications and IT solutions (including AI or machine learning). Advanced tools and an enabling environment are perfect combinations for scientists and inventors.

Cloud computing services are widely available, so not only large corporations can use them. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs implement them in their companies, which contributes to their dynamic development. The global pandemic has highlighted the neglect of businesses in terms of digitization. Freezing pages, unstable servers, communication problems during remote work, etc. have proved, that it is crucial to invest in modern solutions, that are more efficient, cost-effective, scalable, and flexible.

What are the top benefits of cloud computing? 

There are many advantages to using cloud computing. By implementing such solutions, enterprises and research institutions can obtain:

  • acceleration of work and many processes,
  • enhanced collaboration,
  • Big Data storage capacity,
  • security (data loss prevention),
  • mobility and easy access,
  • cost savings (thanks to scalability, flexibility, and reduced IT infrastructure),
  • environment conducive to data analysis, application development, testing, etc.,
  • environmental benefits (reduced carbon footprint).

What is the future of cloud computing?

Everything points to the fact, that cloud computing will be a widely used technology in the near future. Today we deal with it every day. It not only contributes to the development of science and engineering but also dynamically evolves itself. Currently, the most attention is paid to such issues as:

  • Big Data analysis
  • development and maintenance of advanced applications (e.g. Function-as-a-Service),
  • workflow control platforms for AI development,
  • machine learning,
  • automated speech recognition and text analysis,
  • blockchain technology,
  • virtual and augmented reality,
  • Internet of Things and automatization,
  • cloud gaming.

Do you represent the research and innovation sector? If you want to cooperate with a cloud service provider, choose a company with many years of experience, which is providing full technical support. One of the best enterprises on the market is CloudFerro. The company specializes in the storage and processing of large data sets. It offers access to properly adapted public and private clouds – its services are chosen by the largest corporations and scientific institutions from around Europe.

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