Making money from cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Bitcoin

The further ahead in the 21st century, the more important virtual money is. Bitcoin has achieved a decisive lead in this area. Nobody expected such a big increase in the value of this cryptocurrencies.

When it appeared on the market, its price fluctuated around 1$. Recently, its value, although it varies greatly from day to day, has reached extraordinary values. Bitcoin price oscillates between 4000 to 10000$. Even now, with the purchase of one virtual coin we can earn up to 3000$, which is a very good result.

Where to get the cryptocurrency from?

There are many methods of getting Bitcoins. One of the most popular are the so-called "Bitcoin mines", which consist in setting up a specialized excavator (server), which is to extract valuable cryptocurrency for us. In this case, various types of calculations are taken into account, which tell us how profitable it is for us. The quality of the excavator depends on its price. Additionally, the more expensive the excavator, the higher the power consumption, which also translates into the total cost of acquiring the cryptocurrency. It is worth remembering that the minimum Bitcoin unit is 1 Satoshi (0.0000000001 Bitcoin). The second method is cryptocurrencies trading. You can buy any amount of Bitcoin or Satoshich on the stock exchange or in increasingly popular Bitcoin Machines and collect or sell them when their value increases. Bitcoins are slowly entering more and more websites and stationary stores. They enable the purchase of premium services and items. An electronic wallet, which can be installed on a phone, also makes it possible to pay with cryptocurrency in stationary stores - this method is not yet very popular and few shops accept it, but the number is constantly growing.

Bitcoin Lotteries

There are also websites cooperating with Bitcoin where you can place bets only with the help of "internet gold". Match results, world championships, film awards and much more. Winnings are distributed among those who responded well. The value of a win depends on the amount bet and the number of people who answered correctly. However, this method is not allowed in every country, unlike in previous countries.