How to get a working Google Adsense account approved ?

Recently, Google Adsense have gone very strict with the Publisher Account approval policies. Knowing that pro-bloggers won’t involve any sort of activities that are against Google Adsense’s Terms & Conditions, hence i would like to share some good tips & suggestions to keep yourself safe from Adsense account ban (yes, which is horrible thing for most publishers).


You should be aware of the fact that Google did actually banned publisher accounts permanently for Websites & Blogs that do Copy/Paste or Plagiarize content and articles from other websites. Thus, mind it that Copying others articles or content won’t work anymore for Google Adsense Publishers, and indeed this is a good thing to discourage de-valuation of Genuine Content Writers.

The second reason for these bans is because, many persons/groups started selling Pre-Approved Google Adsense accounts. Finally Google found this abuse of their service and decided to tighten their policies & terms for setting up new accounts in third world countries like India/Pakistan/Bangladesh where this had become a common profession by many, who would sell a Google Adsense account for as much as $10/account.

 10 Suggestions to get Google Adsense Account:

1. Buy your Domain & Hosting from a reputable host, such as or, or any host that you prefer with 99% guaranteed uptime. Yes uptime is very important, because if you site will remain down or slow, the more chances will be that Adsense team might dis-approve your account while reviewing your account.
2. After much hyped ‘Google Panda Update’ or also known as ‘Google Farm’ where google implemented tight rules, now it has become to buy a Premium Template instead of using a free one. Free templates that are used by many are being discouraged because of chances that Google might assume it as a Copied website or blog. Thus choosing a Premium template will have better, rich features and greater chances of better SEO, and this will be proof that you are a professional blogger / webmaster.
3. Some people might Disagree with me, but if you want to Blog on a sub-domain than prefer to use instead of Wordpress. After mass ban-out of Blogs running adsense, what i found was that most of them were Wordpress one’s, and yet the fact that Blogger is owned by Google itself. Thus i will recommend using over wordpress, but still the choice is yours if you have a Premium Template for Wordpress, than that should be fine with unique content.
4. Getting your domain name registered on your Own Real Name & Address, and same should be used for Adsense account. This adds to the Trust level that Adsense team might evaluate you being a genuine publisher.
5. Every new domain registered will require atleast 6 months of age to get qualified for Adsense Approval. Yes the hardest part is, IF you are located in INDIA, Pakistan or CHINA than you will have to use a Domain name that is older than 6 months of registration, OR if you are using a NEW Domain, than you will have to WAIT for 6 months, and than you should apply for Adsense Application Otherwise chances are you will get Rejected. (6 Months policy is new part of strict Adsense policies for these countries).
6. You will have to Write Unique & Quality content during the first 6 months. I will recommend you to see your Work as a Passion and heatedly and delicately write in unique Articles & Content, because it will be very easy for you to get your Account approved once you have worked hard during this phase.
7. Good user experience, is now a part of Adsense Quality Guidelines. Choose a Neat & Clean template that could help you build some solid impression on your Users as well as Adsense review team. (for information: Adsense did recently banned a lot of publishers claiming that their Layout/Site Design was poor & had bad user experience).
8. Do not apply for Adsense account if your website has little or very low content. Make sure you have well written, well managed content, and also make sure that your blog has Privacy policy, Copyright policy page, Disclaimer plus a Contact Us page.
9. Do not try to fake Adsense by creating accounts at sites like Flixya or Docstoc, because chances are that you will be caught & banned once Google team finds your Blog running ads.
10. If your website has more than 400 unique visitors/day, and gets real traffic (& not from Facebook/other social networks mainly) than chances are you will get approved quickly. I have learned that, those sites with Total junk or misleading traffic such as Facebook links or Twitter, and has little real traffic gets hard chances of approval. So make sure you have Unique content, well optimized for Search Engines, and with little Word of Mouth you can get worthy paying traffic.

Lastly again, i hope the information i shared is based on my experience, and i will want everyone to keep working within Google Adsense policies. Try making a quality website and i am sure Google will pay you the same in response.
Best of Luck!

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