Setup your own website/blog and Earn Money Online for Dummies

your own website your own website

Finally, here is the topic for what the most of beginners (looking to setup their own website/blog and start earning money), must be waiting for. More and more people each day are setting up their own websites and blogs thus multiplying their revenue streams. It is not so difficult, but all it requires is your extra efforts a-part from your daily routine, and you too can Make your own website and Make Money Online.


I wont drag this topic too long, since i have already described this concept in detail, in past many posts here on this website. For those, who did not went through my previous posts, here is a little summary,

First, we will proceed with setup and register a Domain (e.g. lets say i suggest a domain:, and supposing you chose the subject of your blog on cars. Once the subject of domain and the domain name has been registered, you should install wordpress, and choose a relevant freely available Template/Skin. Next, you need to write in some useful articles or some bit unique content. Next, apply for Google Adsense, and place their Ads between your content. Last step: start working on your website publicity, and this makes you make a lot of $’s.


Now let me explain all this roughly summarized concept with clear details below, step by step:

Steps to Setup your own Website or Blog and start earning money:

1. Look for a suitable domain name.

First, you need to lookup for an available (.com/.net/.in/.info) domain name at

Once you have found your desired available domain name, proceed to step 2.


2. Register your domain name & hosting.

Now all you will need is a valid & working credit card, to Register your domain and hosting, at The domain and hosting costs roughly $7/month, which obviously you will have to pay every month in order to keep your website running. Now make sure, you have successfully registered your Domain & Hosting. (make sure you get your Hosting FTP & Domain Control Panel details from godaddy after you have paid invoice).


3. Installing Wordpress Blog Script on your Website.


Once you are sure, that you got your Hosting FTP login details (from, now you need to Upload & Install wordpress blog script on your website. [For those who don't know about wordpress. Wordpress is the basic Script/Engine which runs a website or blog. Today many popular websites run using WORDPRESS. Example sites:,,].

So now, First download the latest version of Wordpress blog from

Once downloaded, you need to extract the zip folder, and Upload that to the FTP account of your hosting.

Now move on to step 4.


4. Setting up Wordpress Blog & its Theme

This is the part, which might take a little time for you to learn. Once the wordpress is uploaded, you will need to configure it yourself (or ask someone who knows how to do this). Installing wordpress is very easy, though for someone new to this, could be little confusing. But no Problem!!! Here is a great Tutorial (thanks to Youtube) which can help you solve almost any problem now a days with ease.

Watch the Video carefully which is in 2 parts.

How to install Wordpress Video Tutorial (Part 1)


How to install Wordpress Video Tutorial (Part 2)


I hope this video did helped you easily setup wordpress.

You can also find good Wordpress Free themes at:


5. Post in your Content

Now the most creative part. Writing in bit unique content. Now once your blog is setup and running (with your custom theme), now you need to post in your content, which could be Articles, Music, Videos, Games, Movie Reviews, Wallpaper Gallery or almost anything, whatever you want, depending on the wordpress theme you chose. You just need to make sure that, your content MUST NOT BE COPIED exactly. You can copy the ideas, and basic theme of others work, but make sure you re-create it in your own style, because otherwise you will be punished by Google Adsense, which does not allows websites based on copied contents.


6. Apply for Google Adsense.

Yes, the easier and warmer part. Once, you have your content or articles ready, now apply for Google Adsense by using the following URL:

(For those do not know, what Google Adsense actually is, let me explain a bit for them. Google Adsense is a Advertisement Publisher program, which pays Website Owners (or can be called Publishers), for showing their Advertisements on their Blogs/Websites. For example, once you have applied for Adsense and you got the Approval email, than you will be given access to Google Adsense Account, from where, you can Copy the AD CODE, and paste that ADCODE at appropriate positions on your Blog/Website). Now, when a visitor (user) of your website, views your content, than he might like those Advertisements (displayed by Google), and you will get paid for each click or impression that is served.)


7. Advertising your Website (Getting more Traffic/Visitors to your website).

Now, all your efforts will be paid off, once your website starts getting some traffic. All you need to make sure is to bring in genuine and real traffic/users, who actually will like to see your content.

I have written detailed articles on How To Boost your Website Traffic.

You can read following posts, for the reference and details on tips and ways to boost your web traffic.


Ways To Increase Website Traffic – Part 1

Ways To Increase Website Traffic – Part 2

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