Understanding Long Term & Short Term Capital Gains & Their Tax Implication

Short Term Capital Gains Short Term Capital Gains

There are different investment opportunities for the investors and they include the stocks, bonds, real estate & gold etc. The investments made in these assets classes can be of two natures and they are short term and long term. The classification is based upon the holding period of these assets and the holding period of long term or short term also varies in these assets classes.

For example in real estate sector, the investment made for more than 3 years is classified as long term while in the stocks and the bonds the long term period consists of more than one year.

Ways of Earning Money Online: Beware of Scam or False Sites

The need of money has always been the significant wish of every human being. They perform different duties to earn money for their families and for themselves. Now days the internet has provided lot of opportunities for different peoples to earn money online. But at the same time the fear of fraud is always there because there are hundred of websites that are totally fake and they do not pay even a single penny to the public. Instead they collect money from innocent peoples by offering them lucrative packages but in actual they play false games with them. Here we will discuss the different ways through which the people can earn handsome profit.

Google Ad sense:

This is the most reliable way of making online money. In this method, the user can make their own website and then Google allows different publishers to publish their ads on this website which match to the contents of the website. The users can earn handsome amount through this method depending upon the percentage of the traffic on the website.


Article Writing:

It is another important way making money online. In this method, the different writers submit their articles on different article writing sites and in return they earn money according to the agreed terms and conditions between the article writer and owner of the website.


Referral Programs:

In this type the users can earn money by referring the contents of the website or any other thing to others. The others may be any one either friends or general public. The users get commission in return on every referral. This method is also considered as the secure method of making money online or through the usage of the internet.

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